Roller Coast Tee by Duck Butt Designs

I got this fantastic farm fabric from the Fabric Snob on sale last week!


Problem: its cotton woven and I wanted to use it for a shirt….

In the past I had asked around and a few people had reassured me that can CAN use a woven fabric for the FRONT.AND.BACK. of a raglan shirt.

Perfect! I thought.

So I grabbed my copy of the RCT (I love me some color blocking!) and grabbed some matching solid knits. The royal blue is also from the Fabric Snob, the green and brown are upcycled from old shirts, and the grey is some left over cotton from another project.


The shirt more of less came together quickly, and just as easily as when I had used all knit, until…….

I was practically done. All that was left was to add the neck band.

Nope. That head hole would NEVER be big enough….

So why not try to add a packet with snaps?” I thought.

I found this tutorial here and figured I had nothing to loose. How hard could it be?



If you don’t look on the inside…. it turned out alright. I definitely need some more practice with packets (this was my second attempt at one ever).

When Little Mister A woke up from his nap I slipped it on his for a few quick model shots! I think it works but next time I think I will just save the woven cotton for the pocket panel that doesn’t require much stretch!!


2 thoughts on “Roller Coast Tee by Duck Butt Designs

  1. It looks so so cute!! I really really love how it turned out. Plackets are something that need lots of practice. Youa re on the right track for sure!


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