Shoreline Boatneck by Blank Slate Patterns

*Insert ghost town noises……*

I apologize for the lack of posts lately.

February started out with a fantastic opportunity for me to write a guest post on the Thread Riding Hood blog (coming soon!!) for a hack on the Fat Quarter Skirt that I had recently tested.

Suddenly, I was also accepted to test another two patterns! The Shoreline Boatneck Re-release for Blank Slate Patterns and a STILL.TO.BE.ANNOUNCED pattern by Twig & Tale.

And while I still can’t talk about the Twig & Tale pattern….

The Shoreline Boatneck has been officially re-released in sizes XXS-3X!

I helped to test one of the newly added sizes – 1X (graded to 2X at the hips).

After a comical looking muslin (it wasn’t the pattern, it was the flat sheet fabric I was upcycling to blame!)….

The knit version turned out great!

It is a super simple pattern that came together quickly. It was the first time I used interfacing in a shirt (which intimidated me), but it was easier than my head had made it out to be!

Honestly, it was harder to take these pictures than sewing the top!

(My DSLR remote stopped working so it was just me and the timer….)

I used a pretty casual looking knit, so it looks like a comfy t-shirt. But with a different fabric choice, you could make a really nice dress shirt! Next time I am also going to make the tunic length (just think it looks better on my body type)!

(My parents just brought me home some fabric from Mexico, I’m pretty sure there is one fabric cut that is destined to be my second shoreline boatneck!)

OH! OH! I almost forgot to say the BEST thing about this pattern!! It can be sewn in both a KNIT.AND.WOVEN!

Now that is just a mind blowing pattern for you!!

Cheers to February being almost done!




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