Kleefeld Honey Festival

When I think of it, I like to pop into local thrifts stores.

Heck – sometimes I make a day of it!

I’m pretty sure we called it an MCC marathon last time when my friend and I hit up the three MCC stores that are within a 20minute radius of my house.

A couple months ago when I was there I found an adult size small volunteer shirt for the Kleefeld Honey Festival (our towns annual summer festival).

Right away my head starting spinning on how I could make it toddler sized for my son to wear this summer!

I let the shirt sit in my “upcycle” heap for a few weeks before I dove in.

Since there were some stains on the shirt I couldn’t get a full panel out of it so the Roller Coaster Tee from Duck Butt Designs was perfect for the color blocking. (Can you tell that I LOVE this pattern?!) And in the end I still had to cover a few stains with some “patches”.

The black fabric was also from an upcycled t-shirt bought on the same MCC trip. I haven’t figured out how I want to use that panel yet – so stay tuned!

Since Kleefeld is the Land of Milk and Honey, it was only fitting to used some gorgeous milk bottle cotton that I recently picked up…… somewhere online! (I blame mommy brain) And added a cute little milk bottle applique on the back! The Cream knit and Wink Orange fabric were both from the Fabric Snob when they were having their boxing day sales.

I am so over the moon thrilled with how this shirt came out!

It is totally what I had envisioned in my head!

It is a 2T size, so it will definitely fit Little Mister A this summer, and maybe even next summer if I am lucky!

I will be sure to get some pictures on him at the festival this summer and do another post but I just couldn’t wait to share this cuteness!!

P.S. Adding the cotton to the front panel of the RCT was a breeze! It definitely works better than using the cotton for the top/back panel like I did a few weeks ago!


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