Hey Babie by Halla Patterns

Over Valentine’s day my adoring husband took Little Mister A and myself down to the states for a mini vacation.

It was a time to get away from the mundane, every day tasks of cleaning, laundry, and childcare (well we still watched Little Mister A but it was different not being home).

I had warned him that it would not be a cheap trip….

Of course, we did the usual stops: Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target.

Surprisingly, those are the ONLY store we went into.

I told him if we went anywhere else I would buy stuff. Useless stuff. So he didn’t let me go anywhere that wasn’t for a specific purpose.

Bless him!

It was the fastest shopping trip of my life – in and out of stores with purpose. But relaxing.

I had a GIGANTIC shopping list. Most of everything I got.

And for once, a lot of the fabric I bought I had a specific purpose in mind for.

The floral jersey from Joann’s, along with some pink jersey, was meant for a Hey Babie top! (A pattern I had purchased just before going because I was pregnant)

Was pregnant.

With the thoughts of maternity clothes and nursing clothes rattling in my head I was determined that anything I made for the next few months would last me through all stages of pregnancy and the nursing afterwards (I’m finally back into my pre-baby wardrobe from Little Mister A).

Long story short, after we got home from the States it was discovered that I had an ectopic pregnancy and my body naturally miscarried the baby.

The rest of February sucked.

Now, a month-ish later, staring at this fabric, I just had to sew this shirt up.

This is what the fabric was meant for.

I can wear it now.

And when God blesses us with another child I will be able to continue wearing it through the pregnancy (at least some of it) and while I nurse.

Over all I am quite happy with how it turned out. I had graded the hips from a 20 to a 22, but I wish I would have graded it even more (or maybe just higher up, its just a bit too tight on my tummy to hide my lumps).

(Something didn’t work out properly with the “long” cuffs….)

So with a few minor tweaks I am sure I will be making a few more.

Especially with the new rooshing hack that is being updated to the pattern!!

(Side note: I have now realized that in honesty I should have sized up everywhere since my measurements are actually for the size 22 in Halla patterns! Last time I made a Halla pattern down I wrote that I was a size 20 – oops! My measurements were all right, but I wrote down the wrong number and of course I hadn’t double checked before making this pattern…. Oh well! Next one will be the proper size!)


Day 6 & 7 of Kid’s Clothes Week

Day 6:

With the British Farmer corralling Little Mister A for most of the day (Little Mister A wants nothing to do with me when the British Farmer is around), I was able to sew up the four pairs of Speedy Pants in the morning that I had cut out.

I’ve used the patterns once before and simple love it!


It’s a quick, satisfying sew, that I can use up all my scraps with.


Come hell or high water, I WILL be ready to start potty training Little Mister A in spring (I’m so done with this diapers thing).

And honestly….. AREN’T H+THEY THE CUTEST?!

Personally, I think the cuteness of these little gitch rivals the cuteness of little baby shoes! Spoon!

Day 7:

Sunday, Sunday.

The day of rest.

I slept in by accident which means that Little Mister A should be up any minute….

This was going to be my only time today to get my one hour (or more) of sewing in.

And instead I am drinking my coffee and typing.

I have failed a bit with my list this week.


Cut but Unfinished:

And he’s up!

Since we have church today and a hockey game this evening I think I am going to just wave the white flag of surrender and not kill myself trying to get sewing in today.

I did sew a total of 8 pieces of clothing this week!

I still think that is a great accomplishment!

And I cannot WAIT to share my testing pattern pictures with you guys SOON!

Day 5 of Kid’s Clothes Week!

Morning Insert:

Happy Friday!

As I sit here at 6:51am, I hear Little Mister A stirring and talking to himself…. so this might not be a good day for me after all….

I just realized I never posted any pictures of the Comfy Cowl I finished. I only have one flat lay right now…. I’ll try to get a modeled shot or two this afternoon to post.


So let’s work out a game plan for today:

I think that is do able!

My morning coffee is done so I better start at it!

I’ll check back in later this afternoon!

Afternoon Insert:


Well I managed to get a few flat lays done while Little Mister A napped……

But then he woke up as I sewed the side seams up of my Speedy Pants…..

Four pairs in the making…..

On hold…..

Little Mister A was a grumpy, teething bear all afternoon….

Evening Insert:

Well at least I got ONE thing on my to do list done today.

I failed at the “1 hour” of sewing though. In total I think I was behind my machine for 30minutes….

But I also took flat lays…

And went to the thrift store to purchase some shirts and sheets to upcycled…

So that counts right?!



Day 4 of Kids Clothes Week

For a while there I was starting to doubt if I was going to be able to pull off the 7 items in 7 days thing….

But so far I am 4 for 4!

And my two most difficult, time consuming projects are behind me!

After a good nights sleep I was able to dive into today’s project with a new gusto!

It took a while to pick out my fabrics for my Hootley Hoodie by Duck Butt Designs – the color blocking left me with so many choices available!

(I’m thrilled with the finished product, so obviously I made the right choices!)

I sewed all morning, and took photos all afternoon.

Its getting late here so I am just going to leave you with some pictures for today and hopefully I can put a better post together tomorrow.

Hey, life happens – right?!?!

(Pst! Go check out the awesome nautical fabric on preorder from Kiss My Stash Fabric Co – open till April 1!)



Day 3 of Kids Clothes Week


Last night I DID finish my test pattern for Mummykins & Me!

Then today I was a little crazy and added an eighth project to my weeks list……

It is one of the few unisex patterns that Mummykins & Me has right now, the Comfy Cowl Hoodie!

I thought it would be a quick sew and would make a cute “Mummykins & Me” outfit for the promo photos.

Now… I am going to blame it on the fact that I used all the energy and brain power sewing yesterday…. But the simplest things with this sweater kept going wrong for me!

I have to completely stitch rip my waist band – which if you have ever had to unstitch the lightening bolt stretch stitch is NOT an easy task! (Though this might come at a later date because the front looks.. okay… just the back makes me want to cry.)

And the hood was giving me issues… so it is going to have to wait till morning.

On the plus side!!! My strike off fabric from Kiss My Stash FINALLY arrived today!


And oh so soft!

Its been washed, the pattern is cut, the coordinates have been chosen…..

But due to the lacking state of my brain power I will wait till tomorrow to cut into the fabric.

So I bid you all adieu until tomorrow. Hope your day threes have all been going better than mine!

(Pst!!! you can find the fabric over at Kiss My Stash, the pre-order is open until April 1, 2017)

As a side note, a lesson I learned today is don’t try to take flat lay shots while your toddler is awake!

Day 2 of Kid’s Clothes Week


What a day it has been!

I am exhausted, yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing!

My strike off fabric did not come in the mail… again…. So I’ll check back tomorrow….. again….

Instead of spending today sewing up my Hootley Hoodie like planned, I continued to work on my test pattern for Mummykins & Me.

I figured since Little Mister A was shipping off to his grandparents for the day, and I had no other projects to work on that I should be able to get it finished!

I thought wrong.


I did however, learn how to make flat fell seams! Which are pretty stinking AWESOME! They really give a pattern a nice, finished look to them.

This pattern is stretching my patience. Not at all because it is a bad pattern, but because I am used to sewing FAST things. The only thing that has taken me longer to sew than this has been a quilt!

I already know though that I will be so in love with the results that I will make more! (But maybe not till Little Mister A grows out of this one…)

For the pattern I have upcycled 2 pairs of jeans that were given to me as part of our local Buy Nothing Group Project. If you’ve never heard of the Buy Nothing Project you should check it out, there is likely a group already in your area!

I also used some UK Minion quilting cotton for a little pop of color and cuteness!


Now that Little Mister A is in bed I am going to get off the computer and back to the sewing machine! I really want to finish this TONIGHT!



Day 1 of Kid’s Clothes Week

I hope this wasn’t cheating but yesterday in preparation for Kid’s Clothes Week I printed, traced, and cut out all of my patterns AND fabrics for the week!

(With the exception of my Hootley Hoodie because I am still waiting for my strikes to arrive from Kiss My Stash Fabric Co – Their ADORABLE pre-order opens today for all things nautical and tropical!)

Which now means….


Which is the fun part, RIGHT?!?!

Today, I think I am also going to get a fairly good head start on my list because seeing as I’ve been up since 5am! (Thank you British Farmer and your broken robots at the farm….)

Biscuits were in the over by 6am! (Previous obligation to bring them to supper at the in laws tonight.)

Now, that means my remaining “free time” today gets to be spent at the sewing machine!

I love the odd day when I don’t need to cook supper!

In the morning I like to try to do quick sews, since I never know exactly when Little Mister A will wake up.

Today he slept in till 8:30am and I was able to completely sew the MiniMoon pants (free pattern)!
My kitchen has turned into a makeshift sewing room

(That included the 30min it took me to stitch rip my first seam…. Oh boy….)

The pants themselves are an easy sew, but the tutorial and pattern are in German so it does take a bit of extra thinking.

And if you are cutting at night like I was…. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD SEAM ALLOWANCE to the front circle….. (They still sewed up okay…)
MiniMoon for KidsClothesWeek

The pattern is also in cm, so I converted it to inches when I sewed (also take brain power).

I’m happy with how they turned out, and the next pair will be even better I am sure!

Bonus: I managed to wrangle Little Mister A into them for a few cute pictures before starting off on our errands this morning.

Now I am off to start on my top secret Mummykins & Me pattern that I am testing! Hopefully I’ll have a sneak peak of it to show you later today on Instagram!

Kid’s Clothes Week

What is Kid’s Clothes Week, you ask?

I asked the same very thing when it popped up on my Facebook page this morning.

A designer I follow had shared it, so I went to take a closer look!

Basically, Kid’s Clothes Week is something that happens a few times a year, for 1 week.

It is a challenge to spend 1 hour a day (or more) for 7 days straight, sewing for kids! (Yours, your friends, your sisters, your cousins, the kid that sits in front of you at church – you get the idea – just any KID that is in your life!)

The next week starts tomorrow.

And since I just found out about it this morning I already have a week packed full of activities.

Luckily for me, Little Mister A has been pretty consistently sleeping in and napping for a minimum of 2hours during the day so I should be able to squeeze AT.LEAST one hour per day in.

While eating lunch today, I sat down and started to make a list of project I’ve had in the back burner of my mind for a little while but have been too busy sewing custom orders, doing some selfish sewing, or working my way through sewing my birthday gifts for the year.

Turns out I made a pretty ambitious list!

Here is what I came up with (in no particular order):

(That is 7 patterns… One a day, give or take….)

Some of these patterns and designers are new to me, some are tried, tested and true!

I am very excited to tackle these!!

If you want to come join along, you can take a look here on Facebook or also directly on their website.

And I will try to keep my projects updated here on the blog, but also on the Kid’s Clothes Week website under my user name uniquelypriest.



Color Palette

Have you ever tried to figure out what colors look best on you?!

I can honestly say I never have.

Growing up I was not your typical girly, girl, all into the clothes and the makeup.

I’m still not.

I rarely wear makeup or do my hair (minus throwing it into a pony tail).

But I have come around to the shopping for clothes. Or now the making of clothes!

So when I joined a Facebook group that was all things “Capsule Wardrobe Sewing“, I saw the idea to test out your own color palette!

Perfect! This might help me stop buying all the random fabric!” I thought to myself.

Here is the wonderful tutorial I followed over at Free Notions!

I think I may have cheated and did even a few more color pulls that she suggests. My eyes are a blue/grey/green so I wanted to make sure I got a sampling of each of those colors.

(NOTE: If you are going to make yourself a cute little graphic in photoshop… stop at the number of colors they suggest! Mine took forever to make!)


Please don’t take any notice of my awkward straight on photo.

Yes, my one is looks weird. I have something called Dwayne Syndrome in it, which is really just a fancy name for saying that one of the tendons that moves your eye was not developed when I was born. This makes me eye often draw back into the socket slightly and appear smaller than the other one. (It is mostly only noticeable in photographs!)

Honestly, I am a little surprised at how many shades of green got pulled out for me. It has never been a color I wear much of. Or brown. (My hair photographed fairly dark here)

Growing up, my mom always told me I looked good in purple. Guess this just confirms why!

Blue. Well I’ve always known that wearing blue makes my eyes stand our. Yet I have very few blue clothes… I might have to change that.

Frankly, a lot of my closet is grey right now. Which also seems to fall well within my color pallet!

And teal is by FAR my favorite color! So this gives me a good excuse to wear ALL.THE.TEAL!

So going forward this is going to be my new (attempt) at a capsule wardrobe, color pallet!

Purple. Grey. Teal. And of course, black and white neutrals!

(And maybe a little mustard yellow/gold…..)


I found this a really fun exercise to do!

Now I want to do it for the British Farmer and Little Mister A so I can pick color pallets for them!

(Just don’t tell the British Farmer what I am doing, he will just roll his eyes at me, ha ha ha!)

Kleefeld Honey Festival

When I think of it, I like to pop into local thrifts stores.

Heck – sometimes I make a day of it!

I’m pretty sure we called it an MCC marathon last time when my friend and I hit up the three MCC stores that are within a 20minute radius of my house.

A couple months ago when I was there I found an adult size small volunteer shirt for the Kleefeld Honey Festival (our towns annual summer festival).

Right away my head starting spinning on how I could make it toddler sized for my son to wear this summer!

I let the shirt sit in my “upcycle” heap for a few weeks before I dove in.

Since there were some stains on the shirt I couldn’t get a full panel out of it so the Roller Coaster Tee from Duck Butt Designs was perfect for the color blocking. (Can you tell that I LOVE this pattern?!) And in the end I still had to cover a few stains with some “patches”.

The black fabric was also from an upcycled t-shirt bought on the same MCC trip. I haven’t figured out how I want to use that panel yet – so stay tuned!

Since Kleefeld is the Land of Milk and Honey, it was only fitting to used some gorgeous milk bottle cotton that I recently picked up…… somewhere online! (I blame mommy brain) And added a cute little milk bottle applique on the back! The Cream knit and Wink Orange fabric were both from the Fabric Snob when they were having their boxing day sales.

I am so over the moon thrilled with how this shirt came out!

It is totally what I had envisioned in my head!

It is a 2T size, so it will definitely fit Little Mister A this summer, and maybe even next summer if I am lucky!

I will be sure to get some pictures on him at the festival this summer and do another post but I just couldn’t wait to share this cuteness!!

P.S. Adding the cotton to the front panel of the RCT was a breeze! It definitely works better than using the cotton for the top/back panel like I did a few weeks ago!