Epic Fails

Have you ever had an epic fail?

Well I’ve been having a boat load of them this past week!

If anyone of you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post the other day for Day 1& 2 of my sew-a-long for the Tami Revolution Hoodie by New Horizons Designs.


The sew-a-long was being hosted by Kiss My Stash, and as an admin, I felt obligated to join along!

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie, though?

And after Kristen mentioned it had a nursing hack I was completely sold!

I was doing good for the first two days getting my pattern together and the fabric cut out.

But then life happened and I fell a few days behind….

On Saturday, I finally had the time to focus on figuring the nursing hack out so I pulled out my fabric pieces.

I was at a loss for words!

I wouldn’t figure out what was what!


I think these two are SUPPOSED to be sleeves.

And if anyone has any idea of how the heck this happened please let me know cause all I can do it cry looking at that pretty fabric that I just wrecked.

I don’t have enough fabric to re-cut the sleeves and the fabric came from my USA trip back in February, so I can’t just pop to the shop and get more.


I think I will be bowing out of the sew-a-long and revisiting the project later.


But now it is Sunday night and I have a few hours to try sewing again.

So I pulled out a pattern I am testing for Goober Pea Designs and for the life of me I can’t get the hood to fit the pattern.


I’ve tried like 5 times!

I have completely written this weekend off as an epic fail.

Who wants to pass me a glass of wine?!

(Crappy epic fails didn’t deserve good photography so just excuse the badly lite snap shots! You get the idea!)


Carefree Dress by Halla

Were you one of those people that was hitting the refresh button every 10minutes all day until this pattern (Carefree Dress) was released?!?!

I was!

Despite that fact, it took me until the week before Easter to finally get around to sewing it!

Funny how projects pile up, and how priorities get shuffled!

This dress was actually supposed to be finished earlier in the week but I hit a snag on attaching the top to the waist band and had to stitch rip the whole thing.


I have to say, my favorite thing about the Halla patterns that have been coming out lately is that they are nursing friendly!

As soon as I say that I made a nursing friendly dress everyone asks if I am expecting again.

The answer is “No”.

BUT, we are planning to have more kids, and with Little Mister A it drove me crazy how inconvenient both pregnancy and nursing was in half of my wardrobe.

With that in mind I am trying to only sew things that will last me through at least two out of the three coming seasons of my life (over the next five years ish): normal size, maternity, and nursing!

This Carefree dress works all three seasons!

Therefore it is a HUGE success in my books!

I have received so many compliments about it today (and my sister in law was jumping on me to make her one the instant I showed her it was nursing friendly)!

Originally I wasn’t a huge fan of the skirt being grey (I knew I wanted the floral top) but I couldn’t think of what color to use, and this is what I had on hand.

Over all, I’m so happy with it and really liking the color combination!!!

Next up I might just make the skirt for myself and try to mix and match it with some of the Stardust Tanktops!


P.S.  I forgot to add that it also has POCKETS!!

Campbell Jacket by Goober Pea Designs

Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods!

Or at least it is trying to.

The grass still isn’t green…

The day I got accepted to test the Campbell Jacket pattern for Goober Pea Designs was the same day that my grandmother handed me a bag of cloth from the local MCC thrift store.

Bless her!

Now that my grandparents live in a condo, right around the corner from the thrift shop, every few weeks I get a bag of fabric from her.

I love it!

The thrift store is one of my FAVORITE places to find fabric and cloth items to upcycle!

Back to my story….

In this particular bag, right on top, sat this FANTASTIC umbrella print!

Immediately, I knew it was becoming my Campbell Jacket!

The cotton was a very, very thin weave, so it needed something warmer on the inside.

My options were a nice off white flannel, or this blue argyle flannel. Since the jacket is fully reversible I didn’t really want Little Mister A to have a WHITE jacket….

Cause lets be honest, it wouldn’t STAY white!

Argyle for the win!

While the two don’t go together perfectly, I hope you don’t think they clash. I think they turned out cute together.

(All this make me think of is ‘it’s a rainy day in London town’)

If I can whip something up in an afternoon and the British Farmer likes it then I know I am on the right track (he is my biggest critic!).

The British Farm told me that at first the thought it was a jacket we had been given or bought, then realized I must have made it when he recognized the flannel!

Little Mister A is styling a 3T (due to the girth of his tummy). I actually like the additional length of the body on him, and although the sleeves are long, he will grow into it and I think they are cute rolled up!

The longest part of this pattern was cutting and assembling it!

Am I the only one who feels like they are back in elementary school when they are assembling patterns?!

Unlike the last jacket I sewed, there were very few pieces doing the basic version. It was fast to trace the pattern and cut out the fabric.

In general, the pattern sewed up like a breeze and the only hiccup I had was when I tried to continue on without reading the steps and sewed the reversible sleeves together wrong! In total, it took me an hour and 45min (would have been an hour and a half had I not needed to stitch rip).

This is a nice basic pattern with plenty of different options from zippers to snaps to velcro to trim! You can totally customize it! (Personally I just love snaps, it makes everything so easily reversible!)

I can see myself sewing up a bunch of these for nice, light summer jackets at the lake!

Color Blocked Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions

This shirt is full of firsts….

First time working with double brushed poly (I’ve been scared to cut into the pretty fabric).

First time color blocking (not in pattern).

First time going rouge on a pattern (the color blocking).

And second time sewing up a LDT.

Over all I think I am fairly happy with it. The stripes made me want to drink a bottle of wine… and even in the end they are wonky on the front of the shirt at the top (but the sides match!).

Note to self, next time sewing small stripes, DO.NOT.CUT.ON.FOLD! Take the time to trace out a proper whole shirt. Cutting on the fold and trying to get the stripes to line up… forget it! I wish I had thought of this before I cut – Inset crying face here!

I am debating adding a black breast pocket on the right hand side to cover up some of the wonkiness…. But I am going to wait till my black jersey arrives from Midnight Mountain Fabrics. (Should be here any day now!)

And personally I think I should have stopped the color blocking a little higher so that it didn’t cut across my boob so much. But you live and learn!!!

It is a totally wearable, comfortable shirt, which will get a lot of use now coming into spring and summer!


Kingston Jacket by Mummykins & Me

The Kingston Jacket. (Affiliate link)

Honestly, I am at a loss for words to describe how much I loved this pattern! But here is a little back story…..

While testing, I had the notion in my head that I could whip this jacket out in one day. EPIC.FAIL!

(Day 2 of Kid’s Clothes Week)

I think in total this jacket took me approximately 12 hours – including printing, taping, cutting, and sewing.

But let me tell you…. IT.WAS.WORTH.IT!
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Comfy Cowl Hoodie and Kingston Jacket

As I was getting the pattern cut, I debated skipping some of the little extras – the front pockets, the inseam pockets, the back snap pieces. The only reason I did them at the time was because the British Farm told me “Won’t it look too plain without them?!” And while I don’t think it would have, I took his advice.

Oh my goodness – I am so happy I listened to him!

While skipping the details would have made a faster sew, it is the details that have me SWOONING over this pattern!

Just look at those little pops of color!?!?!

The buttons were a source of contention for me at the end – dark grey or red?

In the end, I did the red to go with the Minion UK fabric and I am SO happy I did!

Little Mister A has been wearing this jacket every day since it has been finished.

We have been receiving a pile of compliments, both online and in person, usually followed by a “I can’t believe you made that!”.

(I can’t believe I made it either!)

On of me favorite things about my version of the jacket I made was that all the denim used was from two pairs of upcycled jeans that had been donated to me.

This was my first Mummykins and Me pattern (quickly followed by the adorable Comfy Cowl Hoodie to make a fantastic set for photographs!).
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Kingston Jacket

I can’t believe how well the pattern is structured. It made learning a new technique, the flat fell seams, a breeze! And the finish from this type of seams is simply unbelievable! I really wish more patterns used it.

Lucky for me, this pattern is also in ladies sizes! Hopefully before spring is over I will find the time to make myself one!

Better go get the pattern for yourself before the sale is over!

(PSSsstttt Go check out the pictures of Little Mister A on the Mummykins and Me website! We won the photo contest for the Boys category! By default it shows girl pictures, just change the drop down to Boys.)
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Kingston Jacket

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