Quiet Book Sew-a-long!

(Sew along starts on Monday, August 7)

Well, my last sew-a-long with Kiss My Stash didn’t go so well….

(Remember, that’s when I found out I was pregnant and cut the fabric out all wrong and quit?!)

So here is to hoping this one goes better!

I honestly don’t have the time and energy to do a post each day so my plan is to update this post as the week goes on and have daily progress posts on Instagram!

I may have already cheated and bought, printed, and cut out the pattern!

You can get your copy of the Quite Book here from Rebecca Page – It is even on sale right now until the sew-a-long is done! (Affiliate link)

I also have a game plan in mind to make it into a barn/farm book that Little Mister A will LOVE! (I hope)

Here is a link to the Facebook event and the schedule for the week:

Pattern release (Thu 3 Aug) – Buy the pattern!
Day 1 (Mon 7 Aug) – Prepare your materials
Day 2 (Tue 8 Aug) – Sew the main house pieces (sew on the roof, and apply batting for all 4 pieces). Sew softy dolly.
Day 3 (Wed 9 Aug) – Design & sew outside of house (front and back)
Day 4 (Thu 10 Aug) – Design & sew inside rooms (Living room, bedroom, campsite, etc.)
Day 5 (Fri 11 Aug) – Assemble and finish the house
Catch up days (Sat 12 and Sun 13th Aug) – Catch up with any parts you didn’t get to on the scheduled day.

Hope you join me in the fun (there are prizes)!

Day 1:

Well I didn’t do a whole lot since I had already made up my sketch and pulled out most of my fabrics….

Day 2:

Behind already.

Was trying to finish up a denim quilt that needs to ship out soon so day 2 got put on the back burner.

Hoping to catch up ASAP!


Day….  XXX ….. :

Well…. I think it is safe to say I SUCK at following a sew a long!

This one didn’t help that I also had 2 sets of strikes and 2 promotion patterns to sew up all within the same week.

There just weren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done.

But the fabric is sitting and waiting for when I do have time again!

Maybe it will be ready in time for a Christmas present for Little Mister A!!


Felt Wings by Rebecca Page

Did you know that Mummykins and Me rebranded a few weeks ago?!

They are now Rebecca Page! (Aff link)

Same great patterns, new name, slightly new website – still just as awesome!

The felt wings pattern isn’t actually new. Its been around for a while, but we, on the Ambassador Team, were asked to help promote it for its re-release!

Oh and what is the Ambassador Team?

Well its this new group that has been started up that gets patterns in exchange for promotion!

A win, win for me since I love the Rebecca Page patterns to begin with!

So when I heard about the Felt Wings pattern (Aff link) I thought to myself….. “It’s Little Mister T’s birthday next week…. and he LOVES being a bird!” So after finding out from his mom that Blue Jays are his favorite…

Here are our Blue Jay inspired wings just in time for his birthday party!

This pattern is great to do as a project with a child, or a child in mind! It can be tailored so many ways with different shaped wings and different colors! (We stayed pretty traditional here.) How fun would it be to get the kids involved in picking the shapes, colors, sizes, and arrangement of the wings?!

Over all, the pattern delivers what it says!

I would highly suggest though doing the custom sized bands as the generic ones are quite small.

I also altered my bands and ended up making them out of strips of felt instead of cotton after not liking the way they had sewn up.

One last thing…

If you toddler hates wearing costumes, give it a year or two before making this for them! Little Mister A was beside himself as I was trying to get some modeled shots…

Here are the tearful bloopers!

On the Grow by Apple Tree Sewing Patterns

Now that the first trimester is over and my energy is slowing coming back I volunteered to do another pattern test.

This time for Apple Tree Sewing Patterns.

I love a few things about their patterns….

  1. They are Canadian
  2. They are “grow with me” style
  3. They are well written and easy to follow

So, it was a “grow with me” romper!

I don’t think I have sewn a romper for Little Mister A yet, but it wasn’t hard at all (not that I thought it would be).

As mentioned before though, a LOT of testing goes into these “grow with me” patterns. More than other patterns I’ve tested I feel, just because it has to work for such a wide range of sizes!

The final outcome is amazing.

But what is even MORE amazing is that Apple Tree is offering the size 3-12m version FREE if you sign up for their newsletter!


And if you want the whole patterns (its so worth it), then it is on sale till July 13!

My first test pattern I didn’t take any “final” pictures of, but I did snap some cute pictures while going to visit the British Farmer swathing oats.

My second and final version I used up some of my precision anchor and watercolor fabric from the first preorder at Kiss My Stash Fabric Co to make a summer version.

For this, I used the Bunny Bottoms pants, and cut the romper on the shorts pants line. I also used the shorts band suggested in that pattern. There is also a “tight” cuff, which I think I would use next time instead.

I adore how they turned out!

They have been worn out and about a few times now and already have been loved to the point of stains! *insert tears here*


(We also had some tears doing this photo shoot)

So while I am off trying to get the stains out of Little Mister A’s romper, you should be off buying the pattern!

Grow With Me Hoodie by Apple Tree Sewing Patterns

In my head, “grow with me” clothing just meant throwing on some long cuffs and be done with it.

It wasn’t until I started to help test the NEW Apple Tree Grow With Me Romper that is yet to be released that I realized that time, effort, and trial and error that truly goes into getting a piece of clothing to fit through multiple sizes!

That being said, I absolute LOVE the first OFFICIAL grow with me piece of clothing I made for Little Mister A and so happy he will be able to wear it for a long time!

I used this gorgeous French Terry in Royal Antler print from Northern Rose Fabrics (on preorder until July 7)!

The print is just jaw dropping (at least for us country folk). And the French Terry is stretchier than most I have sewn with before, which is perfect for the grow with me aspect of this hoodie!

The stripes are a super soft yarn dyed bamboo that I picked up from Kiss My Stash a while back.


That means that everything about this hoodie is Canadian!

Fitting since tomorrow is Canada day 😉

PST!!! If you go join the Apple Tree Facebook group right now they have a 30% off coupon good until July 5!



Sorry for the absence of posts lately.

On both Instagram and the blog.

You see….

I’d lost my sew-mojo.

Something that hadn’t happened to me since I started sewing about 2 years ago.

Granted, I have a really good excuse!

Expecting a new member of our family to arrive on Dec 30, 2017!!

Striped Bamboo Jersey and Black Cotton Lycra from Kiss My Stash Fabric Co

I don’t tend to get sick when I am pregnant. But I do get very, very tired and loose all motivation to do ANYTHING!

And in the case of sewing, it almost became like my morning sickness!

The thought of sitting by my machine in the precious time I could be resting (when Little Mister A was napping or after he was in bed), just made me nauseated.

Because of that, I haven’t been taking on any new pattern testing and had only been doing obligation sewing (strike offs).

I am very happy to say that as I am rounding the 3month mark I am slowly getting my sew-mojo back and starting to love sewing again!

The very first clothing I ever made for Little Mister A was this sleeping gown (also first time I sewed with knit fabric).


It only seemed fitting that this be the first thing I also sew for our precious new bundle!

Funny thing is, even though I am way more experienced sewing with knits now, I am not sure this version turned out any better than my first one did! Ha ha!

The only real question left is….


Floral Double Brushed Poly from Blended Threads and Royal Antler French Terry from Northern Rose Fabrics (on preorder now until July 3).

Mommy and Me Set

I will go against the grain and say – boys are NOT hard to sew for!

While I would love to sew some frilly pink dresses, I really enjoy sewing for and dressing my boy!

The only thing I find harder, is finding prints that I can make Mommy and Me sets from!

This neutral Black and White Plaid from Barncat Knit Fabrics was the perfect print for my first attempt at a set!

I used the free Slim Dolman top from Halla Patterns for my shirt (first time sewing it up).

And I used the free Ringer Tee from Brindille & Twig for Little Mister A’s shirt.

To be honest, I picked these patterns largely in part because I already had them cut and assembled in the correct sizes and wanted to cheat that step.

I think they look pretty cute as a set together though!

The fabric is a polyester spandex blend with 4 way stretch. It is niiiiiice and smooth! But was super easy to line up and cut straight – the fabric didn’t shift around on itself!

Haven’t never sewn with fabric quite like this before so my sewing machine and I fought a little bit to get the right flow, but we settled on a short, narrow zigzag stitch and successfully sewed both shirts with relative ease! (And a 1/4″ seam allowance on both to boot!)

If you haven’t heard of Barncat Knit Fabrics before you should go check them out! It is an America group but she was able to ship to me for an okay price AND I wasn’t charged duty when it arrived! (Might just be coincidence) Also, it came way faster than I expected seeing as it had to make it through customs!

Ladies Bubble Shorts by Mummykins and Me


I feel like this has been a very busy blogging week!

It just so happens that two patterns I had tested a few weeks ago were released a day apart on top of other projects that I have more currently be working on!

And now yesterday’s release was the Ladies Bubble Shorts by Mummykins and Me! (affiliate link)

This was to match their Unisex Bubble Shorts pattern that has already been a hit for the last little while.

And what is a bundle without a doll pattern?!

So now you can get all three!

Personally, I hate shorts on myself. But I loved the last Mummykins and Me pattern so much that I had to give these ones a shot and boy am I glad that I did!

The shorts come with three different length options, a binding or cuff option, and bubble or straight leg.

I made a size 3XL with the shortest length, binding, straight leg. I LOVE this length!

Now please forgive the pictures… the only time we had to do them was when Little Mister A was just down right sick and miserable!!!

Despite that, I hope you can tell how awesome these shorts are. I can’t wait to make a few more pairs!

I think I will actually pull the fast, crappy stitches out of my muslin and sew them up proper with a lining because the bad sheet I used actually sewed up really cute! (Not cute enough to show you though, they are see through without a lining in them!)

All the fabric and notions used for my shorts were from my local thrift shop!

I love being able to upcycle, re-purpose, and reuse things that might other wise end up in a landfill somewhere!

Be sure to check out some other BLOG-SPIRATION of the other lovely testers:

Hooded Tanktop Hack

When I finally received my beautiful CARS fabric from Northern Rose Fabrics (Canadian) in the mail I knew that it had to become a hooded tanktop for my son.

I even had the perfect matching red stashed away to upcycle for it! (Originally was a cardigan of my moms – this is one way I keep my fabrics costs low)

I didn’t have any off the rack patterns that would fit the bill so I decided to hack the Brindille and Twig free Raglan Hoodie pattern (since I LOVE the hood on it!).

In retrospect, I should have sized down cause while the cotton/lycra is a DREAM to sew with, it is a lot thinner than the sweater material I used last time – duh! Silly mistake on my part!

Seeing as I had never attempted a hack like this I didn’t properly cut the sleeves….

So… happy mistake?

I could cut a bit more off the sleeves to make it into a true tanktop but the conscious I am getting from people is that it is cute as is (and since I’m lazy I’ll probably just leave it!).

And now that we are coming into some warmer weather, I also had enough fabric left over to try a pair of the harem shorts from Made by Jack’s Mum.

They really look adorable on Little Mister A! (But the British Farm thought they were pants and kept trying to pull the legs down…)

Either way he is bound to get a few more pairs at least!

This CARS fabric and a host of others are available now on preorder at Northern Rose Fabrics until May 21!

Every order this round is also entered into a contest to win 5 free fat halves of this rounds prints!

I love being able to support national, Canadian fabric companies!

Epic Fails

Have you ever had an epic fail?

Well I’ve been having a boat load of them this past week!

If anyone of you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my post the other day for Day 1& 2 of my sew-a-long for the Tami Revolution Hoodie by New Horizons Designs.


The sew-a-long was being hosted by Kiss My Stash, and as an admin, I felt obligated to join along!

Who doesn’t love a good hoodie, though?

And after Kristen mentioned it had a nursing hack I was completely sold!

I was doing good for the first two days getting my pattern together and the fabric cut out.

But then life happened and I fell a few days behind….

On Saturday, I finally had the time to focus on figuring the nursing hack out so I pulled out my fabric pieces.

I was at a loss for words!

I wouldn’t figure out what was what!


I think these two are SUPPOSED to be sleeves.

And if anyone has any idea of how the heck this happened please let me know cause all I can do it cry looking at that pretty fabric that I just wrecked.

I don’t have enough fabric to re-cut the sleeves and the fabric came from my USA trip back in February, so I can’t just pop to the shop and get more.


I think I will be bowing out of the sew-a-long and revisiting the project later.


But now it is Sunday night and I have a few hours to try sewing again.

So I pulled out a pattern I am testing for Goober Pea Designs and for the life of me I can’t get the hood to fit the pattern.


I’ve tried like 5 times!

I have completely written this weekend off as an epic fail.

Who wants to pass me a glass of wine?!

(Crappy epic fails didn’t deserve good photography so just excuse the badly lite snap shots! You get the idea!)

Carefree Dress by Halla

Were you one of those people that was hitting the refresh button every 10minutes all day until this pattern (Carefree Dress) was released?!?!

I was!

Despite that fact, it took me until the week before Easter to finally get around to sewing it!

Funny how projects pile up, and how priorities get shuffled!

This dress was actually supposed to be finished earlier in the week but I hit a snag on attaching the top to the waist band and had to stitch rip the whole thing.


I have to say, my favorite thing about the Halla patterns that have been coming out lately is that they are nursing friendly!

As soon as I say that I made a nursing friendly dress everyone asks if I am expecting again.

The answer is “No”.

BUT, we are planning to have more kids, and with Little Mister A it drove me crazy how inconvenient both pregnancy and nursing was in half of my wardrobe.

With that in mind I am trying to only sew things that will last me through at least two out of the three coming seasons of my life (over the next five years ish): normal size, maternity, and nursing!

This Carefree dress works all three seasons!

Therefore it is a HUGE success in my books!

I have received so many compliments about it today (and my sister in law was jumping on me to make her one the instant I showed her it was nursing friendly)!

Originally I wasn’t a huge fan of the skirt being grey (I knew I wanted the floral top) but I couldn’t think of what color to use, and this is what I had on hand.

Over all, I’m so happy with it and really liking the color combination!!!

Next up I might just make the skirt for myself and try to mix and match it with some of the Stardust Tanktops!


P.S.  I forgot to add that it also has POCKETS!!