On the Grow by Apple Tree Sewing Patterns

Now that the first trimester is over and my energy is slowing coming back I volunteered to do another pattern test.

This time for Apple Tree Sewing Patterns.

I love a few things about their patterns….

  1. They are Canadian
  2. They are “grow with me” style
  3. They are well written and easy to follow

So, it was a “grow with me” romper!

I don’t think I have sewn a romper for Little Mister A yet, but it wasn’t hard at all (not that I thought it would be).

As mentioned before though, a LOT of testing goes into these “grow with me” patterns. More than other patterns I’ve tested I feel, just because it has to work for such a wide range of sizes!

The final outcome is amazing.

But what is even MORE amazing is that Apple Tree is offering the size 3-12m version FREE if you sign up for their newsletter!


And if you want the whole patterns (its so worth it), then it is on sale till July 13!

My first test pattern I didn’t take any “final” pictures of, but I did snap some cute pictures while going to visit the British Farmer swathing oats.

My second and final version I used up some of my precision anchor and watercolor fabric from the first preorder at Kiss My Stash Fabric Co to make a summer version.

For this, I used the Bunny Bottoms pants, and cut the romper on the shorts pants line. I also used the shorts band suggested in that pattern. There is also a “tight” cuff, which I think I would use next time instead.

I adore how they turned out!

They have been worn out and about a few times now and already have been loved to the point of stains! *insert tears here*


(We also had some tears doing this photo shoot)

So while I am off trying to get the stains out of Little Mister A’s romper, you should be off buying the pattern!


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