Grow With Me Hoodie by Apple Tree Sewing Patterns

In my head, “grow with me” clothing just meant throwing on some long cuffs and be done with it.

It wasn’t until I started to help test the NEW Apple Tree Grow With Me Romper that is yet to be released that I realized that time, effort, and trial and error that truly goes into getting a piece of clothing to fit through multiple sizes!

That being said, I absolute LOVE the first OFFICIAL grow with me piece of clothing I made for Little Mister A and so happy he will be able to wear it for a long time!

I used this gorgeous French Terry in Royal Antler print from Northern Rose Fabrics (on preorder until July 7)!

The print is just jaw dropping (at least for us country folk). And the French Terry is stretchier than most I have sewn with before, which is perfect for the grow with me aspect of this hoodie!

The stripes are a super soft yarn dyed bamboo that I picked up from Kiss My Stash a while back.


That means that everything about this hoodie is Canadian!

Fitting since tomorrow is Canada day 😉

PST!!! If you go join the Apple Tree Facebook group right now they have a 30% off coupon good until July 5!



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