Wild Things Hottie Covers by Twig & Tale

I am forever in awe of the Twig & Tale patterns and their ability to turn me back into an adventurous child.

While I have yet to purchase their Traveller Cape pattern, I have been eying it up for quite some time.

Part of me is waiting till I find the perfect fabric to make it with, the other part of me is hoping I can get it on sale (I know, I’m such a mennonite!).

(**EDIT** Since writing this post back while testing the Hottie Cover pattern I HAVE purchased the Traveller Cape pattern and I even found the perfect fabric for it!)

In the mean time, I drool over their patterns and imagine Little Mister A wearing all things Twig & Tale and going on grand adventures through the fields at the farm.

(Side note: he IS fully 100% walking on his own so this adventurous state is about to become the new reality!)

One day, while I was drooling over patterns, I came across a tester call! (Clearly my favorite thing to do these days is to test patterns)

And in enters my latest love affair – the Hottie covers!


Aren’t they just to DIE.FOR?!

So far I have only made the fox (not due to desire to make more, just my project list is too long at the moment)…. But I have seen dozens of other cute covers made by my fellow testers!

The possibilities are just endless!

And they are the perfect size to use upcycled fabric! (All fabric (minus the red) used was thrift store finds)


It is a shame so few people (in Canada) still use hot water bottles.

Who am I going to make all the cute covers for?!?!


Now, if you are wondering why I had to keep this CUTE pattern hush hush from back when there was still snow on the ground it is because three versions – the Panda, Kitty, and Owl – were featured in One Thimble Issue 14 (affiliate link). You can also find the individual pattern here (affiliate link).

On the Twig & Tale website, you will be able to purchase ALL of the animal Hottie Cover options together – Kitty, Fox, Bear, Owl, Panda, Fawn and Raccoon! If you already purchased from One Thimble you will be able to get the other 4 animals at a discounted price (just contact the T&T admin with a copy of your receipt)!


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