Color Blocked Laundry Day Tee by Love Notions

This shirt is full of firsts….

First time working with double brushed poly (I’ve been scared to cut into the pretty fabric).

First time color blocking (not in pattern).

First time going rouge on a pattern (the color blocking).

And second time sewing up a LDT.

Over all I think I am fairly happy with it. The stripes made me want to drink a bottle of wine… and even in the end they are wonky on the front of the shirt at the top (but the sides match!).

Note to self, next time sewing small stripes, DO.NOT.CUT.ON.FOLD! Take the time to trace out a proper whole shirt. Cutting on the fold and trying to get the stripes to line up… forget it! I wish I had thought of this before I cut – Inset crying face here!

I am debating adding a black breast pocket on the right hand side to cover up some of the wonkiness…. But I am going to wait till my black jersey arrives from Midnight Mountain Fabrics. (Should be here any day now!)

And personally I think I should have stopped the color blocking a little higher so that it didn’t cut across my boob so much. But you live and learn!!!

It is a totally wearable, comfortable shirt, which will get a lot of use now coming into spring and summer!



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