Kingston Jacket by Mummykins & Me

The Kingston Jacket. (Affiliate link)

Honestly, I am at a loss for words to describe how much I loved this pattern! But here is a little back story…..

While testing, I had the notion in my head that I could whip this jacket out in one day. EPIC.FAIL!

(Day 2 of Kid’s Clothes Week)

I think in total this jacket took me approximately 12 hours – including printing, taping, cutting, and sewing.

But let me tell you…. IT.WAS.WORTH.IT!
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Comfy Cowl Hoodie and Kingston Jacket

As I was getting the pattern cut, I debated skipping some of the little extras – the front pockets, the inseam pockets, the back snap pieces. The only reason I did them at the time was because the British Farm told me “Won’t it look too plain without them?!” And while I don’t think it would have, I took his advice.

Oh my goodness – I am so happy I listened to him!

While skipping the details would have made a faster sew, it is the details that have me SWOONING over this pattern!

Just look at those little pops of color!?!?!

The buttons were a source of contention for me at the end – dark grey or red?

In the end, I did the red to go with the Minion UK fabric and I am SO happy I did!

Little Mister A has been wearing this jacket every day since it has been finished.

We have been receiving a pile of compliments, both online and in person, usually followed by a “I can’t believe you made that!”.

(I can’t believe I made it either!)

On of me favorite things about my version of the jacket I made was that all the denim used was from two pairs of upcycled jeans that had been donated to me.

This was my first Mummykins and Me pattern (quickly followed by the adorable Comfy Cowl Hoodie to make a fantastic set for photographs!).
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Kingston Jacket

I can’t believe how well the pattern is structured. It made learning a new technique, the flat fell seams, a breeze! And the finish from this type of seams is simply unbelievable! I really wish more patterns used it.

Lucky for me, this pattern is also in ladies sizes! Hopefully before spring is over I will find the time to make myself one!

Better go get the pattern for yourself before the sale is over!

(PSSsstttt Go check out the pictures of Little Mister A on the Mummykins and Me website! We won the photo contest for the Boys category! By default it shows girl pictures, just change the drop down to Boys.)
British Farm Wife in Training – Little Mister A in the Kingston Jacket

Don’t forget to check out some of the other awesome Kingston Jackets that were made during testing:


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