Hey Babie by Halla Patterns

Over Valentine’s day my adoring husband took Little Mister A and myself down to the states for a mini vacation.

It was a time to get away from the mundane, every day tasks of cleaning, laundry, and childcare (well we still watched Little Mister A but it was different not being home).

I had warned him that it would not be a cheap trip….

Of course, we did the usual stops: Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target.

Surprisingly, those are the ONLY store we went into.

I told him if we went anywhere else I would buy stuff. Useless stuff. So he didn’t let me go anywhere that wasn’t for a specific purpose.

Bless him!

It was the fastest shopping trip of my life – in and out of stores with purpose. But relaxing.

I had a GIGANTIC shopping list. Most of everything I got.

And for once, a lot of the fabric I bought I had a specific purpose in mind for.

The floral jersey from Joann’s, along with some pink jersey, was meant for a Hey Babie top! (A pattern I had purchased just before going because I was pregnant)

Was pregnant.

With the thoughts of maternity clothes and nursing clothes rattling in my head I was determined that anything I made for the next few months would last me through all stages of pregnancy and the nursing afterwards (I’m finally back into my pre-baby wardrobe from Little Mister A).

Long story short, after we got home from the States it was discovered that I had an ectopic pregnancy and my body naturally miscarried the baby.

The rest of February sucked.

Now, a month-ish later, staring at this fabric, I just had to sew this shirt up.

This is what the fabric was meant for.

I can wear it now.

And when God blesses us with another child I will be able to continue wearing it through the pregnancy (at least some of it) and while I nurse.

Over all I am quite happy with how it turned out. I had graded the hips from a 20 to a 22, but I wish I would have graded it even more (or maybe just higher up, its just a bit too tight on my tummy to hide my lumps).

(Something didn’t work out properly with the “long” cuffs….)

So with a few minor tweaks I am sure I will be making a few more.

Especially with the new rooshing hack that is being updated to the pattern!!

(Side note: I have now realized that in honesty I should have sized up everywhere since my measurements are actually for the size 22 in Halla patterns! Last time I made a Halla pattern down I wrote that I was a size 20 – oops! My measurements were all right, but I wrote down the wrong number and of course I hadn’t double checked before making this pattern…. Oh well! Next one will be the proper size!)


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