Day 6 & 7 of Kid’s Clothes Week

Day 6:

With the British Farmer corralling Little Mister A for most of the day (Little Mister A wants nothing to do with me when the British Farmer is around), I was able to sew up the four pairs of Speedy Pants in the morning that I had cut out.

I’ve used the patterns once before and simple love it!


It’s a quick, satisfying sew, that I can use up all my scraps with.


Come hell or high water, I WILL be ready to start potty training Little Mister A in spring (I’m so done with this diapers thing).

And honestly….. AREN’T H+THEY THE CUTEST?!

Personally, I think the cuteness of these little gitch rivals the cuteness of little baby shoes! Spoon!

Day 7:

Sunday, Sunday.

The day of rest.

I slept in by accident which means that Little Mister A should be up any minute….

This was going to be my only time today to get my one hour (or more) of sewing in.

And instead I am drinking my coffee and typing.

I have failed a bit with my list this week.


Cut but Unfinished:

And he’s up!

Since we have church today and a hockey game this evening I think I am going to just wave the white flag of surrender and not kill myself trying to get sewing in today.

I did sew a total of 8 pieces of clothing this week!

I still think that is a great accomplishment!

And I cannot WAIT to share my testing pattern pictures with you guys SOON!


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