Day 5 of Kid’s Clothes Week!

Morning Insert:

Happy Friday!

As I sit here at 6:51am, I hear Little Mister A stirring and talking to himself…. so this might not be a good day for me after all….

I just realized I never posted any pictures of the Comfy Cowl I finished. I only have one flat lay right now…. I’ll try to get a modeled shot or two this afternoon to post.


So let’s work out a game plan for today:

I think that is do able!

My morning coffee is done so I better start at it!

I’ll check back in later this afternoon!

Afternoon Insert:


Well I managed to get a few flat lays done while Little Mister A napped……

But then he woke up as I sewed the side seams up of my Speedy Pants…..

Four pairs in the making…..

On hold…..

Little Mister A was a grumpy, teething bear all afternoon….

Evening Insert:

Well at least I got ONE thing on my to do list done today.

I failed at the “1 hour” of sewing though. In total I think I was behind my machine for 30minutes….

But I also took flat lays…

And went to the thrift store to purchase some shirts and sheets to upcycled…

So that counts right?!




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