Day 3 of Kids Clothes Week


Last night I DID finish my test pattern for Mummykins & Me!

Then today I was a little crazy and added an eighth project to my weeks list……

It is one of the few unisex patterns that Mummykins & Me has right now, the Comfy Cowl Hoodie!

I thought it would be a quick sew and would make a cute “Mummykins & Me” outfit for the promo photos.

Now… I am going to blame it on the fact that I used all the energy and brain power sewing yesterday…. But the simplest things with this sweater kept going wrong for me!

I have to completely stitch rip my waist band – which if you have ever had to unstitch the lightening bolt stretch stitch is NOT an easy task! (Though this might come at a later date because the front looks.. okay… just the back makes me want to cry.)

And the hood was giving me issues… so it is going to have to wait till morning.

On the plus side!!! My strike off fabric from Kiss My Stash FINALLY arrived today!


And oh so soft!

Its been washed, the pattern is cut, the coordinates have been chosen…..

But due to the lacking state of my brain power I will wait till tomorrow to cut into the fabric.

So I bid you all adieu until tomorrow. Hope your day threes have all been going better than mine!

(Pst!!! you can find the fabric over at Kiss My Stash, the pre-order is open until April 1, 2017)

As a side note, a lesson I learned today is don’t try to take flat lay shots while your toddler is awake!


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