Day 2 of Kid’s Clothes Week


What a day it has been!

I am exhausted, yet I feel like I have accomplished nothing!

My strike off fabric did not come in the mail… again…. So I’ll check back tomorrow….. again….

Instead of spending today sewing up my Hootley Hoodie like planned, I continued to work on my test pattern for Mummykins & Me.

I figured since Little Mister A was shipping off to his grandparents for the day, and I had no other projects to work on that I should be able to get it finished!

I thought wrong.


I did however, learn how to make flat fell seams! Which are pretty stinking AWESOME! They really give a pattern a nice, finished look to them.

This pattern is stretching my patience. Not at all because it is a bad pattern, but because I am used to sewing FAST things. The only thing that has taken me longer to sew than this has been a quilt!

I already know though that I will be so in love with the results that I will make more! (But maybe not till Little Mister A grows out of this one…)

For the pattern I have upcycled 2 pairs of jeans that were given to me as part of our local Buy Nothing Group Project. If you’ve never heard of the Buy Nothing Project you should check it out, there is likely a group already in your area!

I also used some UK Minion quilting cotton for a little pop of color and cuteness!


Now that Little Mister A is in bed I am going to get off the computer and back to the sewing machine! I really want to finish this TONIGHT!




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