Day 1 of Kid’s Clothes Week

I hope this wasn’t cheating but yesterday in preparation for Kid’s Clothes Week I printed, traced, and cut out all of my patterns AND fabrics for the week!

(With the exception of my Hootley Hoodie because I am still waiting for my strikes to arrive from Kiss My Stash Fabric Co – Their ADORABLE pre-order opens today for all things nautical and tropical!)

Which now means….


Which is the fun part, RIGHT?!?!

Today, I think I am also going to get a fairly good head start on my list because seeing as I’ve been up since 5am! (Thank you British Farmer and your broken robots at the farm….)

Biscuits were in the over by 6am! (Previous obligation to bring them to supper at the in laws tonight.)

Now, that means my remaining “free time” today gets to be spent at the sewing machine!

I love the odd day when I don’t need to cook supper!

In the morning I like to try to do quick sews, since I never know exactly when Little Mister A will wake up.

Today he slept in till 8:30am and I was able to completely sew the MiniMoon pants (free pattern)!
My kitchen has turned into a makeshift sewing room

(That included the 30min it took me to stitch rip my first seam…. Oh boy….)

The pants themselves are an easy sew, but the tutorial and pattern are in German so it does take a bit of extra thinking.

And if you are cutting at night like I was…. DO NOT FORGET TO ADD SEAM ALLOWANCE to the front circle….. (They still sewed up okay…)
MiniMoon for KidsClothesWeek

The pattern is also in cm, so I converted it to inches when I sewed (also take brain power).

I’m happy with how they turned out, and the next pair will be even better I am sure!

Bonus: I managed to wrangle Little Mister A into them for a few cute pictures before starting off on our errands this morning.

Now I am off to start on my top secret Mummykins & Me pattern that I am testing! Hopefully I’ll have a sneak peak of it to show you later today on Instagram!


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