Color Palette

Have you ever tried to figure out what colors look best on you?!

I can honestly say I never have.

Growing up I was not your typical girly, girl, all into the clothes and the makeup.

I’m still not.

I rarely wear makeup or do my hair (minus throwing it into a pony tail).

But I have come around to the shopping for clothes. Or now the making of clothes!

So when I joined a Facebook group that was all things “Capsule Wardrobe Sewing“, I saw the idea to test out your own color palette!

Perfect! This might help me stop buying all the random fabric!” I thought to myself.

Here is the wonderful tutorial I followed over at Free Notions!

I think I may have cheated and did even a few more color pulls that she suggests. My eyes are a blue/grey/green so I wanted to make sure I got a sampling of each of those colors.

(NOTE: If you are going to make yourself a cute little graphic in photoshop… stop at the number of colors they suggest! Mine took forever to make!)


Please don’t take any notice of my awkward straight on photo.

Yes, my one is looks weird. I have something called Dwayne Syndrome in it, which is really just a fancy name for saying that one of the tendons that moves your eye was not developed when I was born. This makes me eye often draw back into the socket slightly and appear smaller than the other one. (It is mostly only noticeable in photographs!)

Honestly, I am a little surprised at how many shades of green got pulled out for me. It has never been a color I wear much of. Or brown. (My hair photographed fairly dark here)

Growing up, my mom always told me I looked good in purple. Guess this just confirms why!

Blue. Well I’ve always known that wearing blue makes my eyes stand our. Yet I have very few blue clothes… I might have to change that.

Frankly, a lot of my closet is grey right now. Which also seems to fall well within my color pallet!

And teal is by FAR my favorite color! So this gives me a good excuse to wear ALL.THE.TEAL!

So going forward this is going to be my new (attempt) at a capsule wardrobe, color pallet!

Purple. Grey. Teal. And of course, black and white neutrals!

(And maybe a little mustard yellow/gold…..)


I found this a really fun exercise to do!

Now I want to do it for the British Farmer and Little Mister A so I can pick color pallets for them!

(Just don’t tell the British Farmer what I am doing, he will just roll his eyes at me, ha ha ha!)


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