Maggie’s Stay On Booties by BeautifulPieShop

TheBritishFarmer works every other weekend.

Last weekend was his weekend off.

Usually, this means I have a bit of extra time to catch up on a few things around the house and work on some projects while he gets in some one-on-one time with Little Mister A.

At the top of my list was MAKE.FIVE.PAIRS.OF.BOOTIES!

Five pairs of Maggie’s Stay On Booties

In preparation for the weekend I even went so far as to sort, collect, and cut out all the fabric I would need – thinking it then would be a quick sew.

Well one thing led to another, and to top I off I felt down right miserable for most of the weekend…. So my weekend project turned into the WEEK.LONG.NEVER.ENDING.TASK! (At least it felt that way, guess it is only the middle of the week)

I am happy to announce the at 9pm on Wednesday night I FINALLY put in my last elastic and tied a knot!

One pair is bound for a baby shower gift this coming weekend.

Two pairs are for my nephews (one for each for their first birthdays).

And the last two are for Little Mister A who is quickly outgrowing his 12-18m sized ones (he is only 14m!).

I used an old pair of jeans and upcycled the denim to see how they would look. Gosh darn it they turned out cuter than I expected! With just a little pop of color inside with the flannel lining! Next time I think I will try the toe in a colored print…..

Each time I make a pair of these I fall a little more in love with just how CUTE they are! Seeing as how Little Mister A is now wearing the last size in the baby booties I suppose I am going to have to cave and buy the kids sizes too!


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