The Promise by Duck Butt Designs

I saw this pattern and fell in love with it – The Promise.

It would cover my wobbly bits. And would be very nursing friendly in the future! (I love multi purpose tops)

I had never REALLY sewed anything for myself before (minus a few pairs of NOT.SO.GREAT. pajama pants….).

But I had been sewing a few successful projects for Little Mister A, so…

When, at a little, local, hole in the wall fabric shop (literally in a ladies garage) I found the PERFECT grey fabric – and it was on sale – I just HAD to buy it! Honestly, I have no idea what kind of fabric this is. It is slinky and flowy, and has great recovery.

I bought two meters.

Got home and bought The Promise pattern.

Requirements: 3 yards…..


I fished through my stash of fabric and came up empty handed for any knit fabric that would match. But I did find some gorgeous floral woven apparel fabric I had bought a few months prior to make a top.

After a quick ask on the DBD Facebook help page, the designer – Katie Anne Cook Wilson, confirmed that she thought making the Promise with a woven back was doable.


From there is was smooth sailing! The top came together quickly and I am so happy I did the floral backing. It has become one of my favorite tops to wear.

(The only other modification I made to the pattern was that I followed the hack to make into a pull over shirt without the side snaps.)


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