The Sewing Room

I’ve developed a shadow.

He comes running (or crawling actually) any time he hears the purr of my machine.

You see, when Little Mister A was a babe, my sewing area was nicely set up in our unfinished basement.

It was nothing glamorous. Folding table. Hand me down table. Office chair. Rubbermaid bins. Grocery bags. You get the picture.

Little Mister A would swing in his swing or bounce in his bouncer while I got some sewing done.

Fast forward a year: now we have started to finish out our basement. My furniture is piled in a corner. My fabric is stacked in bins in our bedroom. And my sew machine plus STUFF has exploded ALL. OVER. OUR. DINING ROOM. Which spills all over the main floor (since it is an open concept space).


Getting anything sewn is now a bit of a stressful, lengthy process as nothing can just be left as is.

And to my help (or my hindrance) any time my machine starts to purr that little, one year old, shadow of mine has to crawl up onto my lap and hit his “red button” (the ‘S’ Signer logo).

…. he also has an uncanny ability to hit the BACK stitch button at the wrong time….

But gosh darn it he is cute!


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