January #mendingfriending Challenge

@mellysews and @onegirlcircus came up with this awesome idea for a January #mendingfriending challenge on instagram!

You can read about it here!

Now, if you are anything like me, when your husband comes home with his work clothes that need mending they get done ASAP (because he actually needs them). But… when it is your own clothes they sit in a pile for MONTHS!

#mendingfriending basket

Luckily for me – my pile was very small:

  1. Mustard yellow sweater – the last time I worse it the metal zipper got stuck (not on anything visible) and nothing I or theBritishFarmer tried could get it undone! Time on the bedroom floor unworn: 4 months
  2. Purple sundress – the last time this got washed the dryer ATE one of the spaghetti straps and snapped it in half. Time in the sewing room scrap pile: 1 year (give or take)

I wasn’t sure how I was going to fix the sweater, so I tackled the sundress first. It was obvious that it needed new straps to be wearable again. After a quick pinterest search I found pin-speration here!

I used the blog post to get an idea of measurements. I measured my old strap for the length by 6″ width on the ends and about 7-8″ wide in the middle (one side of the strap is straight, one is curved to accommodate the width change).

I hemmed the edges, did a quick ruffle on both ends and attached one of the new sleeves to the dress.
#mendingfriending in progress

And then a quick selfie to see if it looked okay…..

Over all I was happy with the look to I whipped up the other sleeve and that was that! The whole process probably took less than an hour!

If you think that was an easy fix just wait till you hear about the sweater!

I turned on a movie. Grabbed my stitch ripper. And settled down for TAKING. THE. ZIPPER. OUT!

But upon closer examination there was no where easy that I could just take one seam out to get to the zipper so…. I just cut as close to the fabric as possible and cut the zipper out!

Is that cheating? Probably.

Will anyone notice? My mom didn’t.

And you know what? Since I (almost) always wore it open anyways, now I don’t have a big, scratchy metal zipper catching on everything!
#mendingfriending success by BritishFarmWifeInTraining

I think this January #mendingfriending Challenge has been a success! A big thank you to @mellysews and @onegirlcircus for the motivation to get it done!

Cheers mending pile, until next year! (Or not…)


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