Fat Quarter Skirt by Thread Riding Hood

Shortly after I started sewing I stumbled upon the blog Thread Riding Hood. I’m 99% sure it was because I was looking for online Canadian fabric stores (remember this from the last post?!).

Since then, it has been a blog I visit and visit and revisit again! So last week when I saw her put out a call for pattern testers for her new Fat Quarter Skirt, well I just had to apply!

Now I never thought I would be chosen (since no one in the sewing world knows me from any other door knob). But I really had nothing to loose!

To my shock. Surprise. And horror (just kidding!). I got the GREEN TICKET email with a copy of the coveted Fat Quarter Skirt pattern.

Problem is…. I only have a son…. and I don’t think theBritishFarmer would be too happy if I started putting Little Mister A in skirts even if it was JUST. TO. TRY. IT. ON.

Solution! I have a beautiful niece that is the perfect age to be my tester (insert snicker here).

Fat Quarter Skirt pattern by Thread Riding Hood
Fat Quarter Skirt pattern by Thread Riding Hood

Now, lets go through why this is such an awesome pattern:

  • It uses TWO fat quarters (which is great if you are like me and initially you build your fabric stash with cotton)
  • It is for KIDS size (not babies as most fat quarter patterns are)
  • There are no paper pieces to print off
  • The PDF pattern is colorful, interactive, and just fun to look at
  • It is beginner level (so everyone can make one (or hundreds)!)
  • It sews up within one nap time (always a bonus in my books!)

And doesn’t it look cute on?! Its a bit chilly here right now so we opted to throw on some tights underneath.

It is also TWIRL-TASTIC!! (Niece S approves!!)

The pink heart fat quarter I picked up spur of the moment a while ago at Walmart (with my nieces in mind) and the light pink cotton linen…….. I’m thinking I must have picked it up at Artjunktion and I cut it into a fat quarter before starting on the skirt.

Now… I’m not EXACTLY sure when this pattern is getting released…. But it is soon! So keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Off I go to sew a few more up — I’m seeing birthday presents dancing in my head!

Coming up…. Fat Quarter Skirt new fabric combo!



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