Free Raglan Hoodie by Brindille & Twig

Brindille & Twig Raglan Hoodie - BritishFarmWifeInTraining

(This was scheduled to ‘publish’ yesterday and it didn’t…. Guess I still need to figure this WordPress thing out….)

Raise your hand if you think fabric shopping in Canada could REALLY be improved?!

Now, I have noticed there are some fantastic Canadian online shops but that shipping. Who likes paying for shipping?! It’s always such a shame when $15meters of fabric is accompanied with $15 of shipping…. Since I rarely buy a LOT of fabric at once, the shipping costs often double the price of the fabric.

Rant done.

(Side note: I have found some fantastic deals at some fantastic shops and really do LOVE them!)

Thankfully, we live only about an hour north of the American boarder. So about 6 months after Little Mister A was born, we went down with my girl friend so find (you guessed it) FABRIC!

I came across this gorgeous flannel, unlike anything I had ever felt before (what I have now found out is called flannel shirting). So I bought it without a specific pattern in mind, but in hopes to make Little Mister A a sweater of some kind.

Fast forward to 6 months later and I still hadn’t touched the fabric. (Partly because I was too scared to ruin it and partly because I was too wrapped up in sewing Christmas presents). Well after realizing that now 0.5meters of fabric will not be enough to make a 1 year old (who wears 12-18m clothing) a sweater I went out and bought some black jogging fleece (sweater material) to tackle the free Free Raglan Hoodie by Brindille & Twig that I had heard such great things about!

Brindille & Twig Raglan Hoodie - BritishFarmWifeInTraining
Free Raglan Hoodie by Brindille & Twig – BritishFarmWifeInTraining

Let me just say – the hype around this pattern has NOT. BEEN. EXAGGERATED! Even though I am very late to the party.

I sewed a 2T which fits beautifully, with plenty of room for him to grow into. The pattern was easy to follow (first sweater and first hood I’ve sewn) and I have ZERO complaints about it. Honestly, the hardest part was trying to decide if I should have the plaid or the black as the outside of the hood!

Little Mister A seems to like it too! We have had a ton of compliments this week as he has worn it around town (trying to stay warm in this -30 weather)!

Now where do you think I can find more flannel shirting to #makeallthesweaters?!

(Too bad the pattern isn’t in adult size – more on that to come….)




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