Welcome, welcome!

Did you actually find your way here?


This was not really how I was planning to spend my new year, but 2017 just decided to pop this idea into my head on its own.

You see, I started sewing (really sewing, not like ‘I learnt how in Home EC in grade 8 sewing’) about two years ago. I had asked my parents for a sewing machine for Christmas. I’m not entirely sure why, but I wanted to learn to sew.

A few months later we found out that I was pregnant. Yahoo!! And that set me off on learning how to sew ALL. THE. THINGS! From quilts to baby clothes, I attempted it all.

Fast forward to the last few months…. I have discovered this fantastic WORLD of sewing, sewists, seamstresses, pattern makers, etc etc etc online and on Facebook. So to join in their ranks this will be my little corner of the internet to showcase my adventures and misadventures of sewing, cooking, and anything else that suits my fancy really.

Please join me if you will!